Clearwater 1kg-200g Multifunction Tablets


Using these multifunction tablets is an easy way to keep your pool water clean and clear.It is recommended that these tablets should be used with the Bestway 5 inch Chemical Floater, to allow the tablets to be dispersed slowly and to keep the pool water continually cleaned.These tablets contain chlorine to disinfect the water to help prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs and also contains algaecide which will stop the buildup of algae, and prevent the nasty looking algae, giving your pool water a clear and inviting look.Another reason to use these tablets is the water clarifier element they have, which binds the smaller particles together, such as dead skin, to help the pool filter system to trap them, thus giving your pool water a fresh and sparkling feel to it.All warnings and instructions must be adhered to, which are clearly labelled on the packaging.

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